StayforU Self-Quarantine Program


The quarantine program will be carried out at StayforU Hongdae.

Details Regarding Payment

The quarantine program offers a 50,000-day stay for 7 days. This results a 350,000 KRW fee for the 7 days of self-quarantine.

There is a mandatory meal plan, which will be 140,000 KRW.

There is also the airport pick-up service + health center transportation expense, which is 150,000 KRW. The pick-up service means the ride we provide for you to get to the quarantine place from the airport.

There is an optional choice for USIM card, which is 48,000 KRW. This is not included in the original payment, so you will have to add this to your ‘shopping cart’ if you intend to buy one.

In the end, the payment of 640,000 KRW includes 7 days of stay (50,000 KRW per day), meal plan, pick-up service + transportation expense. There is an optional USIM card choice available at the price of 48,000 KRW.


Details Regarding Quarantine Stay

The room includes: Wifi, Desk, Chair, single bed, Refrigerator.


  • Airport pick up and COVID-19 diagnostic test
  1. Immigration procedure

Arrival – Inspection #1– Immigration – luggage – Inspetion #2 – Customs – Meeting point

Also, you must have either Kakao or Wechat ID before you entering Korea.


  1. Health Center & Diagnostic test Procedure

Health Cent visit – Register & Counseling – Diagnostic test – Check into room

[It takes 1 day to get a result and if student arrive late night then they will visit health center day next]


  • Regulation and guideline for StaforU
  1. Students in self-quarantine should stay in the room for 10 days except when visiting the health center. When you violated, you will be deported from our facilities.
  2. If you go out or leave the premise during the self-quarantine period, you will face up penal servitude for 1 year or a 10-million won fine in accordance with the relevant laws.
  3. During self-quarantine, you will be asked to leave the dormitory if you carry out the following actions.
  • Smoking inside the dormitory (100,000KRW if violated)
  • Immoral behaviors such as theft, assault, and gambling in the dormitory
  • Drinking in the dormitory, etc.
  1. You can order food from outside if you know how to use the Korean delivery system (StayforU staffs will not order any food for you)
  2. You can receive your personal parcel.
  3. You will need to wash your personal items by hand in the individual bathroom (you need to purchase your own washing soap)
  4. Please keep your room clean.
  5. The room should be cleaned when you check out


  • Meals and Personal Amenities
  1. During your 10 days of Quarantine, we will provide 3 Meals per day
  2. You have no choice for the menu but please inform us if you  have any dietary restriction
  3. We will knock your door once when we drop your meals in front of you room (Breakfast 9AM~10AM / Lunch 12PM~1PM / Dinner 5PM~6PM)
  4. You can order your personal amenities through our kakao channel ‘StayForU’ and orders made before 4PM will deliver on same day but orders made after 4PM will deliver to next day.
  5. We will charge your total amenities you have purchased on your last day of the quarantine. (we do not accept credit card, so please bring some cash with you)

We only provide (2L of water * 6) and Trash bag for free, other personal amenities such as pillow, blanket, shampoo, soap, tooth brush, towel, toilet paper, Thermometer, extra water and etc. you must bring it by yourself or purchase in here.


  • Trash and Food Waste

Change of Waste Management Notice

Here are some guidelines for disposing your waste in StayforU:

1. Yellow plastic bag is ONLY for food waste

2. General Waste goes in the COLORED PLASTIC BAG

You may leave them in front of your door only on Tuesday and Friday until 2PM



For application on only self-quarantine, please contact us via