Before Check In

Application can be made over the internet at www.stayforu.com. Applicants must first click on desired location and the room type and click the “add to cart.” Once applicants click on the “Check Out” button, applicants will be able to fill in the vital information and sign up for StayforU. After reviewing the applications, StayforU will confirm successful applicants with an invoice via email. The full accommodation rates on invoice will be charged by email and transfer of the proof of payment should be completed and guaranteed 2 weeks prior to check-in.

The automatic email sent from our homepage is sometimes blocked by particular emails. Please check your spam folder first, and please email info@stayforu.com for your invoice. Other emails regarding confirmations can be checked through your status in the homepage.

StayforU requires whole 4 months lump sum payment for the semester based applicants and 4 weeks lump sum payment for the Summer & Winter semester applicants. Also, StayforU accepts wire transfer only. Please note that individual banking fees differ between countries.In addition, installment payment is not accepted.

StayforU requires a 500,000 KRW deposit when payment is made, and the information is addressed on invoice in advance. StayforU holds a deposit until check-out and fully returns it if there are no miscellaneous charges to cover. (Check-out in definition is fulfilling 90% of the days of stay on the contract.) When the days are fulfilled, residents are allowed to check-out with full deposits refunded.

Rooms are assigned in accordance with the room type applicants applied for. Roommates are also assigned arbitrarily by StayforU. In case of residents who are not satisfied with their room allocation, alternation of the room may occur. However, the resident who wishes for alternation must find another resident of desired type of room who has the same room type. Also, discussions with roommates of the both residents desiring and desired for alternation are required and must be proved upon the agreement forms.

Booking must be cancelled 15 business days before check-in to avoid the cancellation fee. Cancellations by a resident in the period of [14 business days before check-in ~ 1 business day before check-in] will refund 10% of the payment a resident had made in reservation. Cancellation by a resident on the day of check-in will not incur any refund. After the check-in, there is no refund as the room is booked on the semester basis. Applicants should be reminded that remittance commission of the cancellation fee will be charged for the applicants. In a rare case of cancellation by StayforU’s mistake such as misbooking, full refund will incur along with rightful compensation of searching for a new stay.

All applicants are given opportunity to apply for beddings provided by StayforU. As StayforU originally does not provide a set of bedding (pillow cover, pillow cotton, mattress sheet, bed clothes), residents need to order when making a reservation.

Check-in & Check-out

StayforU sets specific check-in date and time. Standard check-in time is from 10am to 5pm. When an applicant arrives to the residence out of the standard check-in time, an applicant may self-check in. The process is as following: [1] Notify StayforU that you will be arriving at the residence out of the standard check-in time. [2] Find your room key in the mail box located on the first floor of the residence. (Sindang)[3] StayforU staff will leave the beddings in your room, if you have applied for the beddings in advance.
[4] Notify StayforU that you have checked-in by visiting the office the day after your check-in to document your RIC form.
In addition, applicants must inform us of any early / late check-in and agree to pay any additional charges for additional days not included in the official staying period.

Check-out time is set as 3 pm on the date shown on your invoice unless you discuss us another time, which must be documented 2 weeks prior to check-out date. Departure after the promised time may incur additional room charge or eviction, if not previously booked. In order to get a deposit returned, the room must be in the original condition when checking out. Residents must return the key when checking out by leaving it on resident’s own desk in the room, and agree to pay a charge for replacement of keys in case of loss of failure of return. If StayforU detects that the key/ security card is lost or has not been returned by the resident, StayforU will notify the resident’s original university on this issue. Please note that taking a residential key can be regarded as crime, and this will be reported to your original college.

services & amenities provided

The following amenities are included in all rooms (variations may apply and brands are subject to change). In StayforU Sindang, single bed, desk and chair, electric kettle, microwave, Washing machine(built-in), fridge(built-in), air conditioner(built-in), floor heating, and WIFI are provided. In StayforU Hongdae, single bed, desk and chair, desk lamp, and a night lamp. Shared goods provided for all residents are electric kettle, microwave, Washing machine, fridge, and cooking utensils. There is also an international lounge. Also, cooling and heating system are operated centrally.

StayforU originally does not provide any housekeeping service. However, StayforU can offer housekeeping service for the following price. [StayforU Sindang]: Twin Room- 30,000 KRW, Triple Room- 30,000 KRW, Quadraple Room- 40,000 KRW. [StayforU Hongdae]: 20,000 KRW. Residents may apply for the housekeeping service at the end of the month. StayforU will send notification regarding the issue.

General questions

All StayforU accommodations are non-smoking areas and smoking in the internal room is not permitted. Fines will be charged to any residents who do not adhere to this policy.

Residents will be held accountable for any damage to the room and shared places including contents during the stay dates after check-in. Residents will be liable for damages caused (including those by third parties visiting the room) which will result in forfeiting any deposits, pre-payment, and also may be subject to additional charges.

StayforU requests that any non-registered visitors leave all rooms by 9 PM. Also, extend this courtesy to our neighbors when entering and exiting the building. Guests are allowed only and only if;[1] when the resident notifies to StayforU that family members or friends are visiting over to help resident’s checking in, and[2] when family members visit on the premise that they leave before 9PM and the resident’s roommates have agreed upon the visit.

StayforU does not permit pets at any condition except for the case of disabled resident’s guide dogs. If raising of pets is detected, the action will be considered a breach of the accommodation conditions and the resident will be asked to leave or remove the animal. Guide dogs are permitted and must have a medallion on their collar with the registration number and the owner must also carry a laminated pass (with the owner and dog’s name). Guide Dogs are required to be harnessed in public areas. Please advise ahead of time if you will be travelling with a Guide Dog.

There is no curfew for all residents at StayforU. However, we do advise all residents that StayforU does not hold responsibility for such matters: injury damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events which are beyond our control including, but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, terrorism, fire, floods, acts of God, acts of Government or of any other authorities, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment, maintenance requirements or industrial action.

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