Please read these terms and conditions carefully as they incorporate the basis upon which reservations are accepted by StayforU. Making a reservation automatically accepts all the terms and conditions outlined hereunder. StayforU, Business Registration Number 220 88 69974 reserves the right to change and/or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time without notice and such changes will become effective immediately. Please check these terms and conditions periodically for changes. The effective date of these terms and conditions is 19 October 2017.



• Application can be made over the internet at or through email to
• After reviewing the applications, StayforU will confirm successful applicants with an invoice via email. (Status On hold --> Processing)
• Reservations are subject to availability and actual pricing at the time of reservations.
• The full accommodation rates on the invoice will be charged by email and transfer of the proof of payment should be completed and guaranteed 2 weeks prior to check-in.
• Applicants should inform StayforU when transferring through a different name via


• StayforU emails a booking confirmation to successful applicants when received a full payment. (Status Processing --> Completed)


• StayforU requires whole 4 or 6months lump sum payment for semester based applicants and 4 weeks lump sum payment for Summer & Winter semester applicants.
• StayforU accepts wire transfer only.
• Please note that individual banking fees differ between countries.
• Installment payment is not accepted.
• Any applicant without final payment confirmation will not be accepted as StayforU’s resident.
• If any resident of StayforU evokes public criticism regarding any kinds of payment after check-in, StayforU has all rights to contact the resident’s school, or police and embassy.
• In a worse case, StayforU can vacate the resident’s room without permission.


• This policy is not subject to Summer & Winter semester students. Therefore, there may be extra charges in case of miscellaneous charges.
• StayforU requires a deposit when payment is made, and the information is addressed on the invoice in advance.
• StayforU holds a deposit until check-out and fully returns it if there are no miscellaneous charges to cover.
• Check-out in definition is fulfilling 90% of the days of stay on the contract. When the days are fulfilled, residents are allowed to check-out with full deposits refunded.
• A deposit is not replaceable for any other payments.
• If the resident is accused of breaching StayforU’s terms and conditions severely, or has damaged StayforU’s property, the deposit of the resident may be deducted.


• Applicants should agree on the payment of the room rate for each day of the stay and any additional charges until the time applicants notify their departure from accommodation to StayforU.
• All prices are quoted in Korean WON (KRW), unless otherwise specified.
• Prices are subject to availability and can change without notification due to fluctuations in charges and currency.
• Blackout or special event periods may apply.
• Different rates may apply on group bookings.
• The “from” rates displayed on the website are indicative rates and are subject to availability, and terms and conditions.
• Please contact StayforU staff with selected dates and checking availability for accurate pricing.


• For organizations in partnership with StayforU, rates and conditions of reservation may differ and must be discussed in advance.


• Persons under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
• Children under the age of 12 years using existing bedding can stay at no additional charge in the room with guardians/parents.
• In case of minor’s registration at StayforU, guardians of minor applicants must agree to their child’s stay by signing on the confirmation agreement. Transfer of the agreement may be allowed through the hard copy or through online transfer and scanned copy.


• As StayforU does not provide a set of bedding (pillow cover, pillow cotton, mattress sheet, bed clothes), residents need to order when making a reservation.


Update to Cancellation Policy for 2022 Spring semester!

The Cancellation policies for the 2022 Spring semester are as following,

   –  Cancellations made before 2 weeks of check-in date result in a full refund of all payments.

   –  Cancellations made before 2 weeks of check-in until a week of it result in a refund that does not include the deposit (500,000 KRW).

   – Cancellations made on less than a week and all those made after this date result in a 50% refund (Please check the initial refund policies, which are stated below, for more details).

• Applicants should be reminded that remittance commission of the cancellation fee will be charged for the applicants.
• In a rare case of cancellation by StayforU’s mistake such as misbooking, a full refund will incur along with rightful compensation of searching for a new stay.

• In the case of summer/winter products (accommodation provided during the summer/winter school period, usually in July/December) are not subject to the above stated cancellation policy.



• Rooms booked in each reservation are guaranteed, and specific room numbers (within the type reserved) and floor allocations are subject to availability upon the date of check-in and cannot be pre-allocated or guaranteed.
• All room types need to be reserved at the date of reservation to be guaranteed. If for any reason the room type reserved is no longer available at time of check-in, StayforU will provide a substituted room of equal or greater value and standard at the same rate confirmed. In extreme cases, StayforU will alternatively offer a full refund.
• In case of residents who are not satisfied with their room allocation, alternation of the room may occur. However, the resident who wishes for alternation must find another resident of the desired type of room who has the same room type. Also, discussions with roommates of both residents desiring and desired for alternation are required and must be proved upon the agreement forms.


• StayforU sets specific check-in date and time. Standard check-in time is from 10 am to 5 pm.
• When an applicant arrives at the residence out of the standard check-in time, an applicant may self-check-in. The process is as follows:

• Notify StayforU that you will be arriving at the residence out of the standard check-in time.
• Find your room key in the mailbox located on the first floor of the residence.
• StayforU staff will leave the beddings in front of your room if you have applied for the beddings in advance.
• Notify StayforU that you have checked-in by visiting the office the day after your check-in to document your RIC form.

• Applicants must inform us of any early/late check-in and agree to pay any additional charges for additional days not included in the number of days of stay stated at the time of registration.


• When applicants check-in, provision of passport and filling out of the RIC may be required.
• The purpose of RIC is only for emergency contact except when applicants must utilize it as a residential proof when making Alien Registration Card (ARC) for staying over 90 days in Korea.



• Check-out time is from 10 am to 5 pm on the date shown on invoice unless you discuss us another time, which must be documented 2 weeks prior to check-out date.
• Departure after the promised time may incur additional room charge or eviction, if not previously booked.
• In order to get a deposit returned, the room must be in the original condition when checking out.
• Residents must return the key and/or security card for the room at the time of the departure by leaving it on resident’s own desk in the room and agree to pay a charge for replacement of keys in case of loss of failure of return.
• If StayforU detects that the key/ security card is lost or has not been returned by the resident, StayforU will notify the resident’s original university on this issue.

• Please note that taking a residential key can be regarded as a crime, and this will be reported to your original college.



• In the event that StayforU has a legitimate cause for concern or if the guest has not been seen nor been able to be contacted over a period of time, the room may be entered by the accommodation representative to ensure that the safety and comfort of all guests are in order.


• StayforU reserves the rights to refuse a guest entry to the accommodation for any reason whatsoever including where the guest has engaged in conduct on a previous occasion adverse to the stay.


• We adhere to privacy under the law relating to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information. All information collected from residents is required either to meet the requirements of the residential act regarding the maintenance of a guest register, for fire safety reasons, for billing purposes or for any other purposes stated in our Privacy Policy.
• StayforU will not make this information available to any third party without the resident’s prior consent except where required by law or to enforce our collection of amounts owned by residents.
• Residents must advise StayforU if any of their registration details are incorrect.
• Data will be retained for the minimum length of time to comply with taxation and accounting requirements. Any personal data is accessible only by our authorized personnel.
• A charge will be levied if a copy of resident’s registration details is required after six months from the resident’s departure. Hard copies (other than electronic data) are not available after two years.
• StayforU will not knowingly permit any misuse of the data.
• A copy of StayforU’s Privacy Policy is available at


StayforU may evict residents or their visitors without warning. Residents who are evicted from an accommodation will be reported to the university and StayforU may choose to notify the police if critically matters. Residents may be subject to eviction when following behaviors are detected:

• Unsavory behaviors, especially caused by extreme intoxication.
• Overcrowding – when the number of persons in the room exceeds the capacity (see maximum capacity per room table)
• Physical or verbal assault towards StayforU staff, representatives, residents or other guests
• Willful damage to StayforU property and stealing any facilities
• Any incident related or caused by StayforU residents for which the police needs to be called onto the premises
• Any behavior posing a safety threat to others
• Ignoring advice to reduce excessive noise for more than 3 times
• Throwing of objects over the suite balconies or from windows
• Smoking within the room or the areas not permitted (a cleaning and deodorizing fine will also apply)
• Any illegal actions prohibited in accordance with the South Korean law


• All StayforU accommodations are non-smoking areas and smoking in the internal room is not permitted. Fines will be charged to any residents who do not adhere to this policy.


• Residents will be held accountable for any damage to the room and shared places including contents during the stay dates after check-in.
• Residents will be liable for damages caused (including those by third parties visiting the room) which will result in forfeiting any deposits, pre-payment, and also may be subject to additional charges.
• Any damage or loss will incur extra charges as follows:

• Repair: charged afterward
• Loss of card key: 10,000 KRW
• Missing furniture:

• Vacuum cleaner: 80,000 KRW
• Microwave: 50,000 KRW
• Water Boiler 20,000 KRW
• Remote control of A/C: 20,000 KRW
• Cooking utensils: should be purchased and replaced by residents in case of lossbr>


• For the comfort of all our residents, we ask that noise is kept to a minimum.
• StayforU requests that any non-registered visitors leave all rooms by 9 PM. Also, extend this courtesy to our neighbors when entering and exiting the building.
• Guests are allowed only and only if:

• When the resident notifies to StayforU that family members or friends are visiting over to help resident’s checking in
• Family member’s visits on the premise that they leave before 9 PM and the resident’s roommates have agreed upon the visit


• StayforU does not permit pets in any condition except for the case of disabled resident’s guide dogs.
• If the raising of pets is detected, the action will be considered a breach of the accommodation conditions and the resident will be asked to leave or remove the animal.
• Guide dogs are permitted and must have a medallion on their collar with the registration number and the owner must also carry a laminated pass (with the owner and dog’s name). Guide Dogs are required to be harnessed in public areas. Please advise ahead of time if you will be traveling with a Guide Dog.


• A rubbish can is provided on each building for the removal of trash from the accommodation. All residents are responsible for the removal of their own rubbish before their check out.

USAGE OF THE LOUNGE (StayforU Hongdae)

• StayforU Hongdae’s common lounge strictly restricts any visitor access.
• The action of drinking alcoholic beverages is sternly forbidden in the lounge, as it is forbidden in the whole building.
• The action of taking provided food or beverages at the lounge to the resident’s room is restricted.
• Residents of StayforU Hongdae must keep the quiet hour (9PM-8AM) at the lounge, along with the whole building.
• The action of storing private food or beverages in the common refrigerator is forbidden.


• If the resident has not vaccinated for infectious diseases, StayforU may evict the resident without any prior notice.
• A resident must notify StayforU before check-in if the resident has verified as a virus infection carrier.



• The following amenities are included in all rooms (variations may apply and brands are subject to change).
• Property room photos may not be specific to actual room allocated. Photos are indicative only.

StayforU Hongdae:

• Single bed, desk and chair, desk lamp, night lamp
• Shared goods: electric kettle, microwave, Washing machine, fridge, cooking utensils
• International lounge
• Centrally operated cool/heat system


• StayforU endeavors to offer the same high-quality facilities to our less bodied residents. Guide dogs are always welcome in all our accommodations. Please check with your chosen accommodation if you have any special requirements. StayforU will do our best to accommodate all residents’ wishes.


• All StayforU accommodations are in secured environments and StayforU makes sure to ensure security levels are maintained, also including requiring residents to do so. However, StayforU takes no responsibility for any personal possessions that are lost, stolen or misplaced whilst on the premises.


• StayforU originally does not provide any housekeeping service. However, StayforU can offer housekeeping service in case of inadequate cleaning when checking out with a price of 50,000 KRW.


• StayforU tries the best to ensure all reservation arrangements are satisfactory. However, StayforU does not accept any liability whatsoever for any injury damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by any events which are beyond our control including, but not limited to, war, civil disturbance, terrorism, fire, floods, acts of God, acts of Government or of any other authorities, accident to or failure of machinery or equipment, maintenance requirements or industrial action.


• Applicants should be reminded that costs of a personal nature (laundry, taxis, telephone calls, room service, etc) are not included in accommodation rates.
• The amount over 120,000 of monthly utility fees may be charged while rates include all the utility fees.


• Whilst care is taken to ensure that the photos and description of our facilities and services is accurate, they are continually being changed, upgraded, and on occasion removed from service. If any feature or facility is essential to you in choosing a particular property, StayforU highly recommends enquiring to StayforU staff, whom will assist your decision-making process and if that feature or facility will be available during your stay.
• Descriptions are based on information available at the time of publishing and may vary or change at any time.
• Maps and location photographs are shown for general information only and highlight places in surrounding areas. Actual suites occupied may vary in decor and inclusions from those shown in photographs.

Your acceptance of StayforU’s offer of accommodation is on the terms and conditions outlined above.