Twin room type

This room type has 2 floors which can provide you with a unique experience. The room is equipped with one single bed on the first floor, and the other bed is in the second floor. The second floor has a separate desk and wardrobe, so you can enjoy the space as if you are living in a single room type. A wardrobe in the first floor provides more space for your clothes. Also, the bed in the first floor is high above the floor so that you can put your luggage bag under the bed. This unique room setup makes use of the space that is created by a roof, which is higher than usual. We recommend this type for people who prefer to have privacy while living at a residence. This type is provided for only limited number of students, so you might want to hurry your application. Also, please note that the ‘duplex’ part of the studio is different from ‘second floor’ as shown in the picture. This room is 24.67m2.


(₩785,000/mo. × 4) + ₩500,000(deposit) = ₩3,640,000
*deposit is returned upon check-out



• Two desks
• Two chairs
• Two single beds
• Microwave

• Refrigerator
• Spacious wardrobe
• Large window
• Sink

• Floor heating
• Air conditioning
• In room toilet / shower
• Induction cooking

Reservation for StayforU Sindang will begin from 1st of December. Pre-book to save your spot for the next semester!