Amazing trip in Busan

After few weeks in South Korea, it is probably the right time to tell you more about the amazing experience I am living here. After few days at my residence #StayForU in Hongdae, I already felt like I was home. Students and staff were all extremely friendly and welcoming. At the beginning, everything went so fast ! I had the opportunity to visit many different places not only in Seoul but also in Korea.

One of the most stunning travel I have done for now was Busan. As we were on holiday, one of my friend from #StayForU and I decided to spend 3 days in this famous coastal town. After few hours of bus from Seoul, we finally arrived in the city. Our first plan was to visit Gamcheon Culture Village. That was my favorite part of the city. There, all the houses are full of colors and the atmosphere is extremely pleasant. During the other days, we had great time visiting gorgeous temples, enjoying the spectacular fish market and walking around in the city center. My greatest discovery was the breathtaking Samgwangsa Temple we have visited during Chuseok’s night. This is a huge temple where every rooms are full of colorful paintings, flourish statues and incredible ornaments. Those few days was as amazing than rewarding.

At the present time, I can’t feel anything but gratitude for every single minutes that I am in Korea, and I can’t wait to live other wonderful adventures with the #StayForU family




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