Shopping, ice & everything nice


Another couple of weeks have passed and oh boy have things changed around here! Not only has the temperature dropped about 15 degrees, the exams are AGAIN creeping up on me. In between the last time you heard me and now I finally got used to living in #StayforU Hongdae and found some really interesting places to shop and eat around my dorm area. A friend of mine recently introduced me to a Korean snack called 호떡 and I swear it is the most delicious thing ever. It looks like a mini pancake but is filled with sweet honey (at least the one I had). The best thing about it though is the price, it’s not even 1 euro!! My wallet is very happy with the food prices over here. I also went to Japan for a couple of days, as a Japan lover it is simply impossible to be THIS close and not pay a visit. I didn’t do much except for enjoying a lot of delicious foods and walking around in temples. Oh yeah, the kawaii monster cafe also happened.


Tomorrow I’m leaving for the east coast of Korea to enjoy some delicious seafood and walks on the beach. Let’s just hope we don’t freeze to death by the time we arrive there. I want to enjoy my time as much as I can because in exactly twenty days I’ll be back in… *Sigh* Belgium. I’m going to miss Korea!!!




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